The Original Dog Tarot

Random House USA Inc

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Go inside the mysterious doggie brain with this entertaining, tongue-in-jowl deck of thirty tarot cards and accompanying book affectionately written for dog lovers who want to divine their canine's mind. How often have you wondered what your dog is thinking? Who hasn't stared into Lily's innocent eyes, questioning why she shreds your socks but ignores her fuzzy designer toys. Or why Duncan casually lifts his leg and glares at your new boyfriend whenever he walks into the house. If you're still asking the eternal question, "When my sweet, loving, brilliant, messy-muzzled Canis familiaris growls and wags her tail at the same time, which end do I believe?" then you need The Original Dog Tarot. The 30 cards are a takeoff on the traditional tarot; they're divided into the Major Barkana and Minor Barkana. Each card offers advice for both canines and the humans in their lives. You don't have to be familiar with traditional tarot to use this deck. It is a witty and wise stand-alone oracle for anyone who has given up mastering the techniques of The Dog Whisperer.

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